Oct 4, 2008

"Gnomenclature on Sustainability" by The Hartman Group

I recently came across this little application by The Hartman Group, a Bellevue based market research and consumer insight company. I have to say, Gnomenclature on Sustainability: The Consumer Chronicles is one of the most creative tools for sustainability I've come across in a long time. Gnomes + cool technology + sustainability = fun. In Gnomenclature, The Hartman's "little band of consumer sleuths known as Ethgnomes", take you on an A to Z journey to explain where some of The Hartman Group's "mind blowing consumer insights come from". I've actually attended many presentations by The Hartman Group and do have to say they are always a little mind blowing. I don't think anyone else has done the level of analysis on consumer behavior as they have and certainly not with a focus on 'responsible shopping'. So all you corporate cogs out there wanting to sell your sustainable product to conscious consumers...put on your PJs, grab your cup of shade grown coffee or hot chocolate and page - well, click actually - through this bedtime story for the business minded.

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