Oct 17, 2008

Spreading the Good Word of Indicators

Live at the Bioneers Conference...
S2 unveils its newest and very innovative information network, B-Sustainable, at the Bioneers Conference October 17-19 in Seattle. S2 and Communities Count will share a booth to show people how to be informed about our progress towards sustainability and health and social equity for all. Megan, Action Agenda Coordinator, will be presenting at 4:15pm on Saturday about the newest plans by S2 and Communities Count to use our information to take collective action.

Hey! We are in some other blogs!
  • Check out what Ben Warner says about us on his blog, Community Indicators.
  • Mr. Warner is Director of JCCI, an innovative indicator project across the country in Jacksonville, Florida. JCCI's work has led to a great number of positive changes in Jacksonville, from policy implementation to the development of community leaders.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! Sustainable Seattle is one of those Very Good Things that give me hope for the future of this planet. Keep up the good work!