Oct 1, 2008

Imagine Tomorrow Competition

Imagine Seattle and the central Puget Sound in the year 2100. What does it look like? How do you get to work? Where do your children play? What do you love about your community? A vision of the future can be a powerful means to intentional fulfillment of a future that meets the needs of future generations.

In 2010, Sustainable Seattle will venture into a new program area to envision a truly sustainable future for the Seattle and Puget Sound area. This new program area, called 'Fast Future Seattle' will be collaborative effort engaging cultural, economic, and environmental leaders of all ages and all walks of life in both the dream and design of a sustainable future for all. One key element of this program area will be our annual Imagine Tomorrow Competition.

Far from a standard design competition, Imagine Tomorrow will engage diverse individuals and teams each year in envisioning the Seattle and central Puget Sound area in the year 2100, as well as defining key transition steps in achieving their vision. Each year will focus on one key sustainability topic and entrants will be encouraged to think light-years outside the box in terms of what and how they present their ideas, ranging from paintings and performance art to architectural models and artificial intelligence. We'll be announcing more on this program area and the Imagine Tomorrow competition in early 2009.

Sustainable Seattle's Imagine Tomorrow Competition invites visionaries to lay the path to our future where Seattle and central Puget Sound communities, economies, and ecosystems are healthy and vibrant. We are currently forming our steering committee for the competition. Steering committee members will be responsible for designing the competition and coordinating its implementation. The first Steering Committee meeting will take place in Fall of 2009.

Please apply to the steering committee by sending your resume/CV and a a brief statement of interest to info(at)sustainableseattle(dot)org with "Imagine Tomorrow SC" in the subject line.

You can find notes from the April 2009 visioning session here.

Sustainable Seattle's Fast Future Forward Competition is one of our program within our Emerging People, Projects & Ideas Focus Area.