May 28, 2009

Clear Alleys Program and Composting

On top of the planned benefits of the Clear Alleys Program, it has prompted several businesses to take their waste management one step further and include the available composting pick up service. The Clear Alleys Program, which affects Downtown, Pioneer Square, and Belltown, has effectively gotten rid of dumpsters creating a cleaner, safer environment. What has replaced them is painted squares that businesses place bags in to be picked up several times a day. Different colored bags are available for garbage, recycling, and compost pick up.
With businesses already having to adapt to the change in waste collection, several have begun taking advantage of the compost pick up. Participating restaurants have benefited the most from composting. Von's Grand City Cafe has reported that the effects on their business are just as great as those on the environment. The most significant change they have seen is an economical one. Compost pick up costs roughly 30% less than garbage and compost bags are cheaper than garbage bags. They estimated savings of around $1000 each month. Morale has also increased since they began composting. Employees find composting easy and feel good that they are having a more positive impact on the environment. If your business is interested in participating in compost pick up contact your garbage service provider or visit the Seattle Public Utilities website for more information.

Posted by: Angela Herr

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