May 18, 2009

Who's Who | Eco-Logica Magazine

Eco-logica is a new Spanish-language publication in the Pacific Northwest looking at environmental and social sustainability. The magazine's editor, biologist Stuart Vasquez, explains that the title is broken into two parts: Eco – having to do with the natural environment, and -Logica, having to do with ideas, community, and society. The contents reflect this by including both tips on green living and articles exploring issues of identity, as well as pieces that combine the two, such as a profile of a local neighborhood. The magazine, in part inspired by Conscious Choice, seeks to educate people on the ways in which daily actions and choices use natural resources and otherwise affect the environment. The Washington State Department of Ecology has been supportive of Vasquez's efforts, providing information to support the magazine's content.

Eco-logica is still getting started and Vasquez is seeking advertisers interested in reaching the Spanish speaking population, as well as volunteers to help write articles. For more information contact

Blog entry by Julia Cechvala.

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