Jun 13, 2009

Who's Who | Sustainable Path

The Sustainable Path Foundation: Scientifically Informed Giving. It's as awesome as it sounds. Sustainable Path is a charity for smart ideas that will change the world. The Foundation is always both optimistic and realistic, looking for solutions to the world's most complex problems, while never settling for a short cut solution that would sacrifice something we care about.
Formerly Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation, Sustainable Path's board is full of scientists, and the causes they choose to fund range from promoting science awareness, especially in young people, to enabling "think-tanks" of qualified people to solve seemingly unsolvable problems.
The Foundation's ability to give is based on donations, and they strive to make the highest impact from every dollar they receive. The board puts grant applicants through rigorous scientific scrutiny and only supports evidence-based solutions. In addition to grants, the Foundation uses the connections it has made to promote collaborations between some of the world's most qualified, innovative people.
It is clear why the Foundation chose to change their name to Sustainable Path. By applying scientific thinking to charitable giving, they are systematically creating a path to "a healthy, sustainable future".

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