Jul 8, 2009

24th Annual Seafair Indian Days POW WOW | July 17-19

The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation holds this annual celebration on the beautiful grounds of Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington. The Pow Wow averages 400 - 600 dancers in full regalia, 25 drum groups, and 10,000 spectators which come to celebrate the richness of the Native American culture.

In addition to the dancers, more than 60 vendors showcase a wide array of Native American arts and crafts which include jewelry, carvings, intricate beadwork, artwork, tapes, CD's, and T-shirts.

Date | July 17-19
Location | Daybreak Star Indian Culture Center, Discovery Park
Website | Website


  1. Thanks for posting this, I am having problems accessing the website for the event, but was glad to see you posted information about it here!

  2. website is a broken link