Jul 4, 2009

Who's Who | Chaco Canyon Cafe

Chaco Canyon Café has gone above and beyond to run their business sustainably, support the community, and to offer animal-friendly products. They compost and recycle over 80% of their waste. The quality of their nutrient rich, vegan, certified organic food waste allowed them to switch from using Cleanscapes compost pick up to donating it to a local farmer who picks it up and uses it to feed his chickens. They save about 1200 dollars a year doing this! One really unique thing I was able to learn about them through contacting the owner is that they use recycled denim instead of insulation in their walls. The list of sustainable business practices they exercise is so long my blog would turn into an essay so here is a link to more information on them, and I highly recommend taking a look at it.

They donate generously to local community organizations and a percentage of credit card sales goes towards Wind Energy. They support a number of local businesses, the ingredients they buy are about 75% local in the summer and 50% in the winter. Charlie’s Produce, Glory Bee, and UNFI are the three venders they primarily go through. They also have teamed up with quite a few local companies such as Green for their wheatgrass, Holmquist Farms for hazelnuts, and Earth Conscious Organics, Full Circle Farms, and Cascadian Farms for some of their produce.

With the exception of offering organic milk for coffee drinks and using honey in their spelt bread they are an all vegan café and the only one in Seattle that features a daily Raw Foods menu.

One last thing I must not forget… the food is great! Take a look at the menu and support this great restaurant!

Chaco Canyon Cafe
4757 12th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 522-6966

post by angela herr

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  1. Chaco Canyon is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle - don't let the fact that it is a raw food joint scare you out of going: it is fabulous and filling. On a personal note - when I asked the owner for a donation for our auction, he went above and beyond and genuinely wanted to help - they are serious about their commitment to the environment and community.