Oct 7, 2009

Event | Making a picture of 350 with squash in Bergen Square in central Ballard on International Climate Awareness Day, October 24, 2009

When: October 24, 9:30 AM

Where: in Bergen Square in central Ballard.

What: we will make a picture of 350 squash laid out to uplink to International Climate Awareness Day, and it also is United Nations Day. On this day, demonstrations all over the world will feature the number 350. Bring your Halloween pumpkin, your hubbard or acorn dinner squash, to help create the visual. Professional photographers will be on hand to take our picture from a near by roof. Any squash we have over the 350 safe mark will be "squashed" according to your preferred method into a bucket labeled cap and trade, carbon tax or compost and reuse. The original 350 squash you may take home or leave for a food bank donation. We will also have a message from the Citizen Climate Lobby right around 10 AM.

Why: The scientific community has concluded that 350 parts per million (ppm) in earth's atmosphere is the tolerable level of carbon dioxide for human life. As we are currently at near 390 ppm due to continuing greenhouse gas emissions, it will take all of us demanding that our governments get serious about containing the problem at the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen, even while we reduce energy use at home, on the road, and where we work. Sustainable Ballard provides the tools for us to change our individual carbon footprints, but the challenge at hand is so great, we must urge our own government and the world community to create an international treaty to replace the Kyoto Accords that is much stricter, and gets us moving faster toward the use of renewable energy.

Who: If you would like to help with setting up and carrying out this activity, please contact Andrea (andrea@sustainableballard.org or 206-783-6963). We'll need squash counters, arrangers, and crowd control on the day, and flyer distributors before.

Andrea Faste

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