Dec 22, 2009

Holiday Sustainability

This holiday season is the last one of the first decade of the 2000's. This is the perfect time to take some steps to reconnect with family and friends that perhaps have been drifting apart. Take the time to call someone from your past that you haven't spoken to for a long time and tell them how much they mean to you.

Healthy families and communities start in the home and in the maintenance of relationships. A simple phone call, email or holiday card can be an important first step in repairing and enhancing meaningful relationships. We need to take the time to slow down and show each other what we mean to one another.

Take time this year in this holiday season to get to know your family and friends through shared experiences instead of simply buying more and more products. Have a game night or go to a park together for a winter picnic or simply stay home and enjoy each other's company.

Be safe this holiday season and remember that the amount of inebriated drivers increases during this season from an average of one out of ten cars, to one out of four. Check your mirrors, give plenty of space and be a pleasant giving driver. Always have an out when driving and stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.

Also remember to be responsible with your holiday decorations when you are ready to take them down. Recycle what you can, reuse your decorations next year and take your trees to recycling centers.

In King county you can follow this link for options on where to take your tree.

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