Jan 23, 2010

Dynamic Governance Training

Located in the heart of Fremont, Dragonfly Holistic Healing's goal is to provide a space where community medicine takes place to foster creative and holistic approaches to individual and community wellness.

What is Dynamic Governance?

Dynamic Governance, also known as Sociocracy, is a cutting edge system of running organizations that uses systems theory and self-organizing principles from chaos theory.

Dynamic Governance maximizes efficiency and equality. It has been adopted by many communities, businesses and non-profits. Developed in Holland, spreading globally, it is in use in organizations in Europe, Brazil, India, Australia, U.S., and Canada.

Organizations and communities using this model are flexible, efficient, resilient, and sustainable.

Feb 27-28 Facilitation Workshop

with John Buck

John Buck is the author of 'We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy' and the foremost U.S. expert on DG.

In this weekend workshop you will learn how to creatively structure and lead your business, organization or community with the following innovative techniques:

  • Inspire participation through equality, inclusion, effectiveness and fun
  • Achieve complete "Buy-in" through the process of consent
  • Proven governance method providing an alternative to "majority rule"
  • Groups attending together will have the opportunity on the second day to apply these techniques to their own topics.

Where and When

Dragonfly Holistic Healing
760 N 34th Street
Seattle, Washington 98103

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  1. I've never heard of governance trraining before. It sounds like something that can help me and the issues that I'm going throught with my company.

  2. We use dynamic governance in our community group, Sustainable Green Lake. Glad to see there is a training here in Seattle! Dynamic Governance is for any organization that is tired of a minority/majority process and wants to keep focused on solving problems and moving forward.