Feb 10, 2010

Sustainable Wallingford Events

The aim of Sustainable Wallingford is to build a more sustainable town in Wallingford.

Sustainable Seattle in collaboration with other sustainability groups will bring you news of events in the greater Seattle area.

What’s up this month with Sustainable Wallingford groups?
Next week is Wallingford Community Preparedness week with ham radio training Feb 18 and a SNAP workshop Feb 20.
Growing Food Growing Community is growing vegetable starts for food banks this year with 25, count em - 25!! volunteers (last year they grew and gave away more than 3000 baby plants with just 6 volunteers).
Community Kitchens are holding a delicious winter salads and chocolate dinner to celebrate Feb 26 (rsvp early)
Climate Dialogs continue to take political action to inform, educate, and lobby.
Wallingford Solar has a vision of putting solar panels on 1000 Wallingford houses and is making a presentation Feb 17 at Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell Energy Committee (getting local energy generation is part of the Sustainable Wallingford Energy Efficiency Team Plan - the SWEET Plan).
Meaningful Movies shows Food Inc Feb 13 and celebrates its 7th birthday, Meaningful Movies partners with us on a monthly Transition movie series starting March 13.

And check out our 2009 accomplishments!

Sustainable Wallingford is blessed with amazingly knowledgeable and dedicated people. Take a look at our member pages: we’ve got systems planners, communication consultants, toxicologists, nutritionists, gardeners, artists. (Make sure you update your page if you’ve got new interests and skills or a new address.) We still need more - writers, social media folks, painters, photographers, engineers, musicians, babies, cheesemakers, nurses, teachers, carpenters, tool bankers, businesspeople, students, yogis, chemists, biologists, plumbers, shoemakers, bakers, bikers, dancers, architects, computer scientists, ham radio operators, psychologists, pruners, electricians. We need you. We can build a better community and a better world with your unique skills and passions.

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