Mar 15, 2010

Local Food and Urban Agriculture: An introduction

Alleycat Acres is a sustainable Urban Farming Collective and has been blazing a new trail into affordable, urban food growing. The organization is leading a trend to grow food in smaller areas, areas normally reduced to parking lots or vacant weeds and rubble.

The entire concept of urban agriculture is a relatively new idea that focuses on making affordable fresh fruits and vegetables in areas where many people would not reasonably be able to expect produce. Many areas in dense urban cities do not have a market or grocery store that has fresh fruits and vegetables. Many are stores that buy the lowest bid plants that are on the verge of spoiling or rot in order to save money. Some stores replace fresh fruits with sugary drinks and canned veggies that lose all their nutrients the minute one opens the can.

With urban agriculture plots of land or even smaller pieces such as flower beds or sides of drainage areas are converted into growing centers. Often times the food that is grown goes to local food banks, charities or the growers themselves in an effort to minimize transportation and maximize the payout of the project.

There are numerous groups who are recognizing the positive lessons taught by working the land and many of them are focused on urban youth. One such organization is Seattle Youth Garden Works which unfortunately has been running into financial difficulty due to the recession. They are still in existence, but need assistance.

Food that is locally grown not only is fresher, but it also accomplishes supporting the local economy, your friends and neighbors, and it is also environmentally better than shipping or flying food from the average 1500 mile distance.

For more ideas on how you can get involved visit:
Alleycat Acres

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