Mar 4, 2010

Race: The Power of Illusion – Part Three

We began with “popcorn:” participants bringing up their feelings and thoughts from the last two sessions. Feelings of guilt, responsibility, imprisonment, hope, lightness, heaviness came up. Thoughts about the work that has been done, that needs to be done- for organizations, systems and individuals. We watched part three: a story of our imprisonment by the illusion of race.

We talked about what we can do in our lives and work to shift our system out of institutional racism. Crossroads Ministry’s Continuum on Becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Institution was handed out, This is a document that lays out six ways that an organization behaves: Exclusive, Passive, Symbolic Change, Identity Change, Structural Change, Fully Inclusive. We talked about taking action, and getting more training: People’s Institute Northwest is one resource. Using basic principles to guide us is another: one must have multi-racial group working on this. While people can’t be in charge of the community organizing. Reciprocity – it has to be a partnership. Identify small steps, celebrate successes but make sure you are looking on the horizon for the next step.

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