Apr 6, 2010

April Events in Seattle

Sustainable Seattle uses this space on the blog for promoting events that align with our overall mission. If your organization has an event you would like to see us promote that is based around the core beliefs of Sustainable Seattle please contact us.

Please join The Compassionate Action Network, Seeds of Compassion and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education on April 24th for: Compassionate Seattle: It’s Up to Us!

Date: April 24th 9am – 7:30pm.
Main Event: 9am – 5pm: Compassion Showcase and Exchange
Evening Celebration and Performance: 5- 7:30pm.
Location: Center for Spiritual Living, 5801 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, Washington 98105

Religious scholar and popular author Karen Armstrong will be the keynote speaker along with James O'Dea, and Courtney E. Martin.

Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets and can be purchased: for the day/evening (9am – 8pm) or just for the evening celebration (5pm – 8pm). Lunch can also be purchased in advance (or bring your own).

If you can spare a few hours to volunteer before or at the event, please join the Compassionate Seattle Campaign group.

Thank you & see you on the 24th!

Dream a Sound Future Launch Event

JOIN US on April 29th from 4-8 pm for
Dream a Sound Future Launch Event at Golden Gardens' Bathhouse!
Dr. Sharron Sutton is the guest speaker. Click here for a poster.

Launch Party!! Goodies & entertainment! You decide what the cover charge is. Click here to donate. Save the date April 29th from 4-8 pm!!! The Bathhouse at Golden Gardens! Map

Dream A Sound Future: A design and dream competition

Dream a sound future LOGO

Imagine Seattle and Central Puget Sound in the Year 2100.
-What does it look like?
-How do you get to work?
-Where do your children play?
-What do you love about your community?

A vision of the future can be a powerful means to intentional fulfillment of a future that meets the needs of future generations.
The purpose of Sustainable Seattle's Fast Future Seattle program area is to create the vision of a truly sustainable future for the Seattle and Puget Sound area and to bring about effective and lasting collaboration among non-profits, initiatives and individuals with the common goal of sustainability. Fast Future Seattle is a collaborative effort engaging cultural, economic, and environmental leaders of all ages and all walks of life in both the dream and design of a sustainable future for all. One key element of this program area is our annual Dream a Sound Future Competition. CHECK OUT our Dream a Sound Future Blog!

Far from a standard design competition, Dream a Sound Future will engage diverse individuals and teams each year in envisioning the Seattle and central Puget Sound area in the year 2100, as well as defining key transition steps in achieving their vision. The program encourages all to think light-years outside the box in terms of what and how they present their ideas, ranging from paintings and performance art to architectural models and artificial intelligence.

Sustainable Seattle's Dream a Sound Future Competition invites visionaries to lay the path to our future where Seattle and central Puget Sound communities, economies, and ecosystems. For K-12 contestants, please check out the K-12 Dream a Sound Future Challenge!
Questions and Comments please email us at dream@sustainableseattle.org

Dream a Sound Future - Competition Guidelines & Registration >> Click here

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