Aug 13, 2010

Bike events today and tomorrow

A couple more announcements worth sharing:

TONIGHT from the Belltown Pull-Apart, a bike shop specialising in reusing old parts:
Come and join us for festivities and merriment as we roll through Belltown in style. We’ll kick of this year’s Seattle Founder’s Day festival with a bang. Dress to impress and have some fun. The ride starts at 7:30 from Belltown’s bike headquarters, Belltown Pull-Apart and winds its way past some notable features before ending at Pintxo Bar, 2207 2nd Ave. Bring you helmets, horns, and freak flags. Don’t have a bike? No worries. Belltown Pull-Apart rents ‘em out. Plan on a 1-hour ride. We’ll start things off early with the musical stylings of the Desert Rats. Come one, come all!

TOMORROW from Alleycat Acres, an urban farming collective and fiscal sponsoree of Sustainable Seattle:
This Saturday, the Bikestravaganza: Off the Chainring Tour, a self-described "DIY bike summit roadshow" is coming to Seattle. It will be happening on Saturday 8/14 from 7-9pm at Ada's Technical Books at 713 Broadway East. Alleycat Acres and Ada's Technical Books are sponsoring the local event to ensure it is free and accessible to you. But what do urban farming and books have to do with bicycle advocacy you may ask? Everything!

While Alleycat Acres focuses on urban farming, we share common goals with the bicycle advocacy movement of building community by encouraging people to get out and spending time with their neighbors. We believe that if we can help build out bicycle infrastructure and show people what is possible to accomplish by bicycle, we can induce and inspire more people to ride. As more citizens in urban areas return to an active and local lifestyle, we will see substantial quality of life improvements for everyone.

A key part of making this happen is knowledge and each of us has to attain this knowledge ourselves. We can, however, build organizations together to create opportunities for this to happen. Giving citizens an opportunity to learn together is a big part of why Alleycat Acres exists! Similarly, we're thrilled that Ada's Technical Books stepped forward to offer the use of their venue. Local book stores are cornerstones of a community where people can come together under the common goal of learning. Consequently, we are quite proud of them and their involvement in this event and their neighborhood.

So please come out on Saturday with your ideas and excitement to put them into action creating change in our city. For more information, you can check out the Bikestravaganza tour website and thefacebook event.

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