Aug 16, 2010

Five of Sustainable Seattle’s Favorite Organizations to Follow

Sustainable Seattle believes strongly that sustainable change comes from the work of small organizations working within their community. On this level, people and individuals are truly able to make a difference in a measurable face-to-face way. From a list of 50 of the top global businesses (you can see a full list on the Top Online Engineering Degrees webpage:, here are summaries of five of our favorite local organizations with links to their web pages and twitter accounts:
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Founded in 1974, YouthCare was the first shelter in the Western US to provide shelter for homeless youth. From the humble beginnings of a three bed shelter for runaways, this organization has expanded to now provide street outreach, residential housing and six locations to over 65,000. They provide tutoring, counseling, and chances for success in education and employment. Funded in part by a grant from the Raynier Institute, the staff and volunteers of YouthCare work to reengage homeless youth in Seattle. Currently, the programs struggle to keep up with the continuing rise of young homelessness in the Seattle area, and the unique needs of homeless youth.


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FareStart is a unique program which provides training and job placement within the culinary field. In the last 18 years, the program has helped over 3,500 people obtain jobs and fed over 4 million meals to the disadvantaged. The diverse programming creates training and jobs to sustain a restaurant, café, catering services and contract meals for childcare centers and shelters throughout Seattle. Through work within King County, FareStart hopes to work toward ending homelessness through creation of community and support of homeless men and women.

Moyer Foundation

The Moyer Foundation was established by All-Star pitcher Jamie Moyer and his wife Karen to assist children in distress. They have raised over 19 million in support of over 200 different programs which directly serve these children. In addition to this financial assistance, the Foundation programming includes specialty camps designed to allow children to feel support and increase quality of life when dealing with grief (Camp Erin) or when coping with addiction in the family (Camp Mariposa). The Foundation also is involved in various community partnerships with Fred Hutchinson, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Swedish Medical Center.

Moontown Foundation
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Started in 2006, the Moontown Foundation trains and certifies teens and young adults in the green building trade. They have created technical and professional programs to help place graduates in emerging renewable energy businesses and careers. Through outreach and advocacy they work with these youth and young adults to understand global climate issues and create a rigorous training program, curriculum development, recruitment, and demonstration programs. Partnerships with local business leaders, universities and community based organization encourage entrepreneurial engagement of these young adults within their own communities to help develop greener alternatives for small business development.

Seattle Innovators

This nonprofit strives toward making Seattle the first carbon neutral city in North America. Working from the standpoint that Seattle can be the flagship for sustainability in the 21st Century, Seattle Innovators helps to collaborate business, research institutions, finance, government, and media in a goal toward a carbon-neutral city. Led by Cognitive Policy Works Director, Joe Brewer, the organizations urges the individuals in the city to act collectively and merge common goals and interests towards greater effectiveness in sustainability, civic engagement, technology, policy, and urban planning. Taking working ideas from other cities and helping to promote Seattle back to the forefront of the sustainability movement, Seattle Innovators creates platforms for a collaborative approach across all sectors using communities of varied expertise, tool building, and shared knowledge.

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