Dec 23, 2010

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Truck Farm is a simple concept with a big impact. It’s a 1986 Dodge pickup with
a mini-farm planted in the truck bed. It’s a traveling, edible exhibit that brings
a rural experience to urban students.

It’s a Brooklyn based CSA that makes
weekly deliveries to 20 families. And it’s the focus of a new short documentary
coming out this winter.

Called “the coolest urban agriculture project around” by The Huffington Post,
the farm-on-wheels has already made a splash in schoolyards, Earth Day
celebrations, Japanese morning television, and even the National Botanic
Garden. What if every urban center had its own Truck Farm traveling from
school to school teaching kids about how fun farming and healthy food can
be, engaging them in thinking about where food comes from and getting them
excited about growing food themselves? This is our vision and we’re looking for
a few good urban farmers to help us bring it to fruition.

What: A fleet of Truck Farms that will take to the road this spring popping up at schools, camps,
street fairs, outdoor concerts, little league ball fields and anywhere else large groups of youth
congregate. These micro-farms will be prepared and managed by nonprofits, food educators, graduate students, food co-ops, gardening groups, urban food activists and anyone else with the passion to teach kids about growing and eating healthy food.

For extra credit the Farms can serve as CSA’s and for extra extra credit the trucks can be run on bio-fuel.

Where: Communities in the US and Canada that do not have easy access to farms and/or farm fresh food.

When: Our Truck Farms will be planted in early April, in time for a “premiere” on Earth Day, which will double as our kick-off for our second annual Garden Contest, a challenge to see which student group can grow food in the most creative place.

Truck Farmers will need to register with us by January so they have three months to find their trucks, prepare their farms and begin booking their spring “tour.” Our squad of trucks will hit the road throughout May and June, visiting as many area schools as possible. Please note: While our goal is for each truck to visit a minimum of 25 groups throughout the growing season, we do not expect the Truck Farmers to work on this full-time.

How: We will provide you with step-by-step instructions for building, maintaining and showcasing your farm. If you can get a donated truck, the cost of materials will run you less than $300. We are hoping to secure funding in the next few months to help our Farmers cover the cost of these materials.

We will create a special Facebook page where all Truck Farmers can convene and swap ideas and
resources. We will be available for troubleshooting five days/week by phone or email. We will also provide Truck Farmers with educational materials, workshop ideas and copies of Truck Farm (the film) to use during school visits and workshops.

Who: Ian Cheney is the creator of Truck Farm. You might know him and his longtime collaborator Curt Ellis from their popular documentaries such as King Corn, Big River and The Greening of Southie.
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