Dec 3, 2010

Undriving:Engaging People to Reduce Car Use

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Did you know that driving less is the single behavior change that could have the greatest impact on reducing CO2 emissions?

Research also shows that driving is the most difficult behavior to change.

I want to invite you to join me in supporting UNDRIVING, a ground-breaking non-profit organization that is effectively reducing car use with an engaging power tool for change: the UNDRIVER LICENSE™.

Undriving, Inc., founded in 2007, works mainly at community events, offering people the opportunity to get their own Undriver License on the spot in exchange for a pledge to reduce their car use - or car use on the planet. Undriving sparks curiosity, and people of all ages are engaged to think creatively about what they could do differently – whether they drive 100 miles a day for work or don’t have a car. At events and online, over 5,000 Undriver Licenses have already been issued!

Undriving gets results:

• Follow-up surveys garner an impressive 20-40% response, and 96% report that they fulfilled their month-long pledge.

• The process leads directly to behavior change: 72% establish a lasting new transportation habit as a result of Undriving.

• It’s naturally infectious: 83% of Undrivers show their licenses to others and encourage them to make their own pledges.

The Undriver License has been so popular that communities across the U.S. and beyond are asking to replicate the model. Undriving's innovative and empowering program has great potential to help government agencies, organizations, and businesses as they work to reduce traffic and congestion, meet commute trip reduction goals, promote healthier public and workplace environments, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Won’t you support Undriving in scaling this successful grassroots initiative?

Please contribute $100, $200, $50 or whatever you can!

Your gift will help the Undriving team develop a turnkey “kit” that will include everything needed for other organizations to maintain their own UNDRIVER LICENSING STATION™ and start making change in communities around the world. Our goal for this project is to raise $20,000 and I would be grateful if you would join me by making a tax-deductible donation today.

With thanks and appreciation for your consideration,


You can contribute online via Paypal, or by check - make your check payable to Undriving/Urban Sparks, and mail to:

Urban Sparks - 4229 Baker Avenue NW - Seattle, WA 98107

Your contribution is tax-deductible through Urban Sparks, a 501(c)3 organization that serves as fiscal sponsor for Undriving.

• To find out more about Undriving, visit

Order your Undriver License online!

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• Want to contribute your time and expertise? Visit Undriving’s Volunteer page

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