Feb 20, 2011

Progressive Self Destruction (Repost)

The following is an excerpt from my personal blog at endithinks.blogspot.com.

Progressive Self Destruction

A friend of mine over at Cognitive Policy Works is doing fantastic work around getting Progressives to have a unified strategic plan on how to bring about the change that is needed in our modern day politics. The problem that has been holding him and fellow Progressive organizations back has been a shocking amount of selfishness and close sightedness from fellow Progressives and an overwhelming sense of ownership of missions that deny other organizations that are closely related to find any purchase.

Progressives are good people who wish for social justice, equality and equal access to services and opportunities for all those who wish it. However, the organizations that claim this mission are often not practicing what they say is their beliefs. Numerous organizations still have an "us vs. them" attitude even towards fellow organizations whose missions align with their own. The ownership of missions almost always comes with a sense of exclusivity. The mission needs to be accomplished in this particular way by us and no other.

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