Apr 30, 2011

Flow 5/1/2011 Issue 8

Flow is based on Sustainable Seattle's Happiness Initiative and is inspired by Vinyasa, which means one leading to another. Flow gives small, but important steps that can improve one's contentment amongst all nine domains of happiness. Flow is a weekly jolt of inspiration, pragmatism and a collection of local events that will raise our happiness.

This month of May we are taking a look at some simple actions we can take to get our mental health on a better path. First before we get started, this month is not meant to replace professional psychological advice nor should it be used as a substitute for seeking assistance for serious problems such as depression.

Psychological Well Being Issue 8

I’m a huge believer in taking actions to affect our attitude. We sometimes get so caught up in our minds that we do not make significant changes, but wallow in our emotional problems. We are going to be looking at actions that can help change our emotional states from the outside in.

Use the mornings as a time for yourself. Set the alarm fifteen minutes early and enjoy the silence of the home while eating a healthy breakfast, exercising or meditating.

Make lunch for the next day in the evening and when eating said lunch get out of the workplace whenever possible. Find a place of beauty and calm, or a place filled with people whichever makes you happier. Never cram food in your mouth while you sit at your desk.

Make connecting with friends a priority. Nothing beats face to face interactions no matter how “busy” we claim to be. We need to make that choice to spend time with people we care about.

Choose to read, write, draw, or dance as a way to not only be creative, but also to be active. Active minds are more resilient.

This week slow things down and take time to appreciate all the things in your life that are going quite well. Health, employment, love of family or friends, safety, all these things we take for granted. Choose this week to pay attention.

Lastly, and I can’t recommend this enough, is to keep a very safe, secure journal. Journaling allows us to get things out of our heads, explore ideas, and reconnect with ourselves. There are only three rules to journaling: never let anyone else see it, write consistently about whatever pops into your head, and NEVER let anyone else see it.

Journaling is raw thoughts that do not need to go through our usual filters of society. It is extremely important that others do not see these thoughts as we are nowhere close to that amount of honesty in our relationships. This journal is for us to reflect and think and organize, not to show and tell. I would also recommend not to do this online or in the form of a blog. Once something is out in the ether of the internet, it cannot be withdrawn.

Nathan Jackson


This week’s website recommendation is:

This week’s book recommendation is:

Pocket Sudoku by Will Shortz

Flow Suggests:

5/1-5/7 2011

Environmental, Psychological Well Being, Community

Monday, May 2, 2011 4:45-7pm

Environmental, Community

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 9am-5pm

Environmental, Cultural, Material

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 | 7:30 – 9pm

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