Apr 8, 2011

The Flow Campaign 4/10/2011 Issue 5

4/10/2011-4/16/2011 Issue 5
Community Vitality

This week we are focusing on Community Vitality which is the idea that true happiness comes from the connections and relationships we build with the people around us in our homes, our neighborhoods and our work places.

Most working adults spend the vast majority of their waking time at the workplace. People who work forty hours a week spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their family and much more time than with their friends. Therefore, it is essential for us to make our work environment community a more pleasant, meaningful place.

So what are some actions we can take to make our work places more pleasant and more enjoyable? Here are a few ideas that can transform the experience we have at our workplaces.

Firstly, eating is fundamental to the human experience and many people working at full time jobs do not either eat properly or eat with others. Eating with your coworkers is one of the first steps to take to establish and grow a more pleasant work environment. When eating with coworkers I would first start by eating on the work campus when appropriate as this will tie the experience with the workplace.

Secondly, get rid of your headphones or other personal devices that separate you from your surroundings. Audio clues are so important to relationships, but body language is even more so. The act of putting on isolating devices sends a strong signal to others that you do not care to interact and that you don’t value the ambient discussions and hubbub of office life.

Thirdly, come In to work early. When you are relaxed and rested the day at work is a more pleasant experience as you do not need to be running around and catching up with duties or actions that need to be done. When you have plenty of time every other action becomes easier and with less effort. Also, when you come in early you can spend that time chatting with coworkers, getting the best coffee and of course impressing the boss.

Lastly, listen more. Coworkers are starving for attention and if you are a person whom they can talk to about small, and the most important, things they will pay you back in favors, friendship and respect.


This week’s website recommendation is:

This week’s book recommendation is:
Not On Our Watch by Don Cheadle, John Prendergast

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Monday, April 11, 2011 | 7:30 – 9pm

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