Apr 15, 2011

Flow 4/17/2011 Issue 6

Flow is based on Sustainable Seattle's Happiness Initiative and is inspired by Vinyasa, which means one leading to another. Flow gives small, but important steps that can improve one's contentment amongst all nine domains of happiness. Flow is a weekly jolt of inspiration, pragmatism and a collection of local events that will raise our happiness.

4/17/2011-4/23/2011 Issue 6

This week we are focusing on Health and more specifically physical health habits. We are going to learn some basic steps someone can take to give their body a better chance at getting the nutrients and exercise it needs to ease our minds and raise our happiness.

The most important step when taking on a change in habit is to start small. Habit change takes time and it takes small victories to achieve lasting change. So, the first step I recommend is a small one, but vastly important, eat breakfast.

A balanced breakfast will have some sort of whole grain, fruit, and calcium source. Examples of simple, yet effective breakfasts are: 1. Whole wheat bagel with jam, glass of milk and a banana. 2. Whole grain cereal with milk, yogurt and a few apple slices. 3. Fruit smoothie and whole grain toast. 4. Morning Sandwich with whole grain bread, tomato, lettuce or spinach, lean protein and a glass of milk.

Breakfast can be premade at night in case any of you are thinking: who has time for breakfast? I plan out my breakfasts before I go to bed and have the ingredients ready to go for the morning. Once again it is not about huge changes, but smaller important changes.

Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast has many benefits such as: better concentration and mood, more strength and endurance, and weight control. People who eat breakfasts have fewer cravings before lunchtime, healthier metabolism and energy to get their day started without a eleven o’clock crash that coffee and high caloric foods for breakfast can induce.

An additional tip for this week is to get rid of your snooze button alarm clock or disable your snooze function on your phone or computer. Getting up just ten minutes earlier will give you the time to eat breakfast and gather your thoughts before the start of the day. If you have planned out your breakfast the night before, you can use the extra time to have a pleasant beginning to your day instead of a harried, hurried rush.


This week’s website recommendation is:

This week’s book recommendation is:
Good Food, Great Medicine by Miles Hassell M.D, Mea Hassell

Community, Cultural, Environmental
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 | 7:30 – 9pm

Community, Governance, Psychological Health
Thursday, April 21, 2011 7PM - 9PM

Community, Culture, Health, Environmental
Friday, April 22, 2011 7:30 PM

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