May 16, 2011

Seattle Yellow Pages Opt-Out Registry (LAST CHANCE TODAY!))

A Notice from Board member Heather Trim on behalf of the Zero Waste Seattle Steering Committee

We are pleased to announce, in case you haven’t already heard, that Seattle’s YELLOW PAGE OPT-OUT is up and running ….and further that on May 9, U.S. District Judge Robart denied an injunction request by publishers Dex, SuperMedia, and the trade group Yellow Pages Association, ruling that they had not shown they were likely to ultimately succeed on the merits of the case related to their assertion that the opt-out infringes upon their First Amendment right to free speech.

The great news is that the new Seattle opt-out program is enforceable! Any books that are delivered after someone has opted-out in a timely way (30-days in advance of delivery) will be potentially subject to a $125 fine.

ACT NOW! The next phone book delivery in Seattle scheduled is Dex in June. In order to ensure that you won’t receive this delivery, you need to opt-out by May 16 at Seattle’s official site:

When you get to the Catalog Choice website, you will have to register and then will be able to specify your request. Catalog Choice (the city’s vendor for the opt-out) will then record your request and the yellow page companies are required to use this information when they are doing deliveries.

Please let Zero Waste Seattle know if you have any problems with this system.

In addition to the yellow page opt-out ordinance, other zero waste successes last year included getting a requirement for landlords to provide compost pickup for apartment buildings (this will start in September), a pilot effort by the city to address plastic stretch film, and some additional actions to address construction and demolition waste. And we are looking forward to even more zero waste progress in the next year.

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