Jun 5, 2011

An Antidote to Despair: Paul Loeb’s New Soul of a Citizen

How do we keep working for change in these difficult times, and overcome political demoralization, frustration, and paralysis? With over a hundred thousand copies in print, Paul Loeb’s Soul of a Citizen has become a classic handbook for budding activists, veteran organizers, and anyone who wants to make their voices heard and actions count. It’s inspired thousands of citizens as an antidote to powerlessness and despair.

St Martin’s has now published a wholly updated new edition of Soul, addressing the challenges of our difficult and often frustrating time. It explores how ordinary citizens can act and keep on acting even when we wonder whether our actions really matter. It explores how we can get involved and get others involved in critical causes; how to get past the obstacles and help others overcome them; what we can learn from citizen movements of the past; and how to maintain our commitments for the long haul and avoid burning out in exhaustion or frustration.

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