Jun 11, 2011

Green Storage Ideas For Any Business

Guest post by Kenneth McCall of Storage.com
Today's ever-changing and ever-developing world has led to the gradual depletion of its natural resources. Furthermore, many of the resources we exhaust are used for the production of packaging materials that are detrimental to the environment. However, with just a little bit of extra effort we can do our part in saving the planet, starting with our business storage strategies. Here's a look at ecofriendly substitutes for environmentally harmful storage and packaging materials.
Containers made from plastic take up to thousands of years to decompose. During this time period, little chunks of plastic end up in our oceans, suffocating marine life and gradually entering our food chain to harm all living organisms. On the other hand, bioplastics are nontoxic and take a significantly shorter amount of time to biodegrade. Furthermore, by switching to bioplastics, you are reducing the need for the foreign oil used to produce plastic. Bioplastics are manufactured using local biomass materials that help conserve the amount of energy used for production. Energy is further conserved during decomposition because less energy is used for recycling bioplastics.

Sustainable wood products
Sustainable wood comes from trees that are grown faster than they are cut down in order to meet the needs of society without compromising the needs of future generations. Consider switching to storage pieces that are made from sustainable woods, such as bamboo, cane, mango, maple, and more. Avoid products that come from slow-growing trees such as oak, beech, spruce, and redwood. Research the companies in your local area that offer storage furniture and pieces in sustainable wood. To learn more about the promotion of responsible forest management, contact the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization.
Recycled cardboard
Cardboard that has been deposited into landfills is known as old corrugated cardboard (OCC). Recycled cardboard is made from this OCC and only take 75% of the energy that it takes to make a cardboard box from harvested trees. Furthermore, there is a decreased emission of sulfur dioxide when cardboard is made from OCC. In addition to using recycled cardboard containers for your office belongings, also remember to properly recycle this cardboard after use. Research your community's local recycling program and see what you can contribute.
Rentable plastic bins
There are now many companies offering rentable plastic bins for your packaging needs. If you need to move something to or from your office space, consider renting from a local company in order to reduce the amount of packaging material waste deposited into landfills. Look up the size of the boxes the company offers and estimate how many you will need to transport your belongings. These companies will deliver empty boxes to your business and will then come back to pick them up when you are done.
Biodegradable packing peanuts
Packing peanuts are made from polystyrene, a substance that is incredibly harmful to the environment. A much more environmentally friendly alternative is cornstarch based packing peanuts. These packing peanuts can simply be dissolved in water after you are done using them. Furthermore, there is less static in these packing peanuts and can be a better choice for cushioning your electronics and other fragile items. These packing peanuts can easily be made in your own kitchen with ingredients that can be found in any local grocery store.

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