Jun 28, 2011

Seattle City Council endorses Happiness Initiative

I'm a little late blogging this, but the City Council has unanimously endorsed our Happiness Initiative.  Council President Richard Conlin presented the formal proclamation to us last Monday:

The full text of the proclamation is on our website (PDF), and for me the key part is this:
The Seattle City Council encourages organizing local town meetings in libraries, community centers, and other public gathering spaces in Seattle neighborhoods, where residents discuss the survey and objective data, identify actions they are taking and want to take, and recommend action ideas for neighborhood organizations, city agencies and the City Council.

The Seattle City Council intends to consult the available happiness data and the recommendations from these town meetings as it pursues future policy options in a time of scarce resources.
Local media picked up on the story:

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  1. Happiness in Seattle? I'm all for it! With my husband, I'll be leading an Intimacy Retreat workshop for couples in your fair city. Lots of happiness available!