Jul 25, 2011

Learn To Play !

Hi, My Name Arianna Jacobs I'm Working With Sustainable Seattle This Summer.

In Partnership With Sustainable Seattle I created a summer music program called LTP(Learn To Play). This program is a FREE instruments instruction program for all youth 4th-12th grade. In this program youth in the Central District will learn how to play any instrument of there choice. Research consistently shows that students who study an instrument enhance their critical thinking skills and their ability to work as a team. They are also more engaged in school, less likely to drop out, and do significantly better in all their academic endeavors. This program has Teamed up with Garfield Community Center and Garfield Teen Life Center to make music accessible to youth in their building. Youth are invited to pick any instrument of their choice. And they will be matched up with a volunteer who will come in once a week and teach.

I did this music program because in the summer the youth that go to the community center do the same thing. They go outside to the park and on field trips. At the teen Life Center the teens play Basket Ball and get on the computer. And while doing this they may listen to music. And so I thought “what about putting music into these community centers. So this summer youth 4th-12th grade can learn how to play any instrument.

If you would like to volunteer or give donation of instruments you can e-mail me at Arianna@sustainableseattle.org, or call the office at (206) 622-3522

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