Jul 8, 2011

Save King County Metro Buses

Guest post from Brock Howell of Transportation for Washington:

Did you know that King County Metro might have to cut bus service by 17 percent?

This would mean 177 bus routes will be slashed, reduced, or even eliminated!  Every part of King County will be dramatically affected by these cuts.  With fewer routes and fewer buses, people will walk farther and travel longer, and crowded buses will become standing room only trips.

This is the last thing we need at a time when more and more people need transit to get to work and avoid high gas prices. Cutting 600,000 transit hours will force people to drive, making already crowded highways and roads even more congested.
Right now, send a letter to the King County Council to support stop-gap funding.

Attend the next public hearing. Let us know which you can come to:
Wednesday, July 6, 6 p.m.
Kirkland City Council Chambers, 123 Fifth Ave., Kirkland
Tuesday, July 12, 6 p.m.
King County Courthouse, Council Chambers (10th Flr), 516 Third Ave., Seattle
Thursday, July 21, 6 p.m.
Burien City Council Chambers, 400 SW 152nd St., Burien
People rely entirely on King County Metro buses to get to work, school, hospital, and church.  In fact, 36% of commuters in King County use the bus. These cuts will be painful for these thousands of low income people in cities and suburbs who are transit dependent.

Unfortunately, out-dates state law locks King County Metro into the local sales tax for local revenue.  Because sales tax revenue is volatile and has dropped off, King County Metro has already undertaken significant measures to keep the buses running. But they are still facing a 17% budget gap.

That’s why transit and environmental groups worked hard this legislative session to give the King County Council an additional local funding option – a one-time temporary “congestion relief charge.”

But unless we can get two more supporters on the King County Council, the congestion relief charge will not pass and Metro will have to cut service.

Join with us and save King County Metro.

Send a letter to the King County Council.
Attend the next public hearing.
Thank you for your support.


Brock Howell
Field Director
Transportation for Washington

P.S. We can’t afford to lose 17% of bus service which will affect 80% of transit commuters. The congestion relief charge is just $20 and it’s a two-year stop-gap measure until we find long-term funding solutions approved by the statewide voters. Tell the King County Council to pass the measure.

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  1. Everybody in King County has a need for transportation and not everyone can afford a car. I understand the financial crisis that we are in, but really hope these cuts can be averted. Again transportation is a need that everyone shares.

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  3. So many people use mass transit as their only means of transportation. It is a social justice issue that so many of them would be stranded and unable to get to work, pick up their kids, or do their shopping.

    The sheer amount of buses that would be eliminated is ridiculous. Many people would be isolated and unable to get from one major hub of commerce and residential zones to another.

    Why are we even considering cutting off the flow of goods, services and people in this weak economy?

    We need to ensure that King County Metro does not get de-funded. Let's get this done.