Feb 2, 2012

A proper introduction to B2B4ME

We have recently featured the observations of guest blogger, Mark Walker, founder of B2B4ME. Here is a description of his firm's mission: True sustainability means engaging your entire value chain from raw materials, production, and customers, and then recyclers feeding back into raw material streams. Our hosting hubs gather queries from trading partners, recyclers and customers alike that B2B4ME’s 24/7 sustainability experts solve and then host in our cloud systems for your entire value chain.  B2B4ME takes 90% of the administrative work of embracing true sustainability from the individual and fosters open communications and innovation within our networks. Daily our Teams build networks that become enduring sources of data that then become the change agents to energize each sustainability goal with concrete actions. For a thumbnail of B2B4ME compared to other efforts in this space see our “decision points”.

As you can see by the two most recent posts B2B4ME is busy building its network, or 'mycelium', to connect with other companies wanting a 'return on investment query engine' that will help them sustainably produce better products with their partners and customers for a more sustainable future.

posted 2/2/12

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