Mar 15, 2013

Just Garden Project: Growing Food in High Point and Redmond

Author: Kali Orkin

Have you heard of the Just Garden Project (JGP), an Americorp program run by Seattle Tilth? JGP builds subsidized raised bed gardens in the yards of low income families and seniors.  The goal of JGP is to alleviate hunger and provide social equity to families by teaching them how to grow their own healthy food and promote healthy, happy communities.

Spring is rapidly approaching, and JGP is looking for volunteers to participate in building raised bed gardens.

The program is planning several Spring Into Bed! events, where volunteers build a group of beds in one neighborhood over the course of a Saturday.  These events include an orientation, garden building and a celebration afterwards.  This year, the goal is to build 13 gardens in the High Point area of West Seattle, and 5 in Redmond.

The season's first event is in the High Point neighborhood on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013.  Come and get your hands dirty, learn how to build raised beds, enjoy time with friends and family, and take part in the celebration of a job well done! Volunteers will build beds from 10 am until 2 pm, and the party is from at 2 pm- 4pm with food and live music.

If you are interested in happy, healthy, hunger-free communities, and want to get involved, please email Wendi at to sign up as a volunteer.


  1. This is why Seattle is great – gardens in cities are long overdue, and raised beds make it easier than ever to raise good stuff. Kudos to the people who put this together! Every school and every city should be doing this!

  2. We couldn't agree more! Thanks for visiting Kevin!