Jun 4, 2012

Fledge: The Socially Conscious Company Incubator

(Guest Post by Michael Libes)

Consumers these days are more and more environmentally conscious, energy conscious, health conscious, community conscious, conscious of sustainability, and even conscious of consumption itself.

Entrepreneurs who try and reach these companies are too often thwarted, with few tools and services to help them through the challenges of creating a sustainable, viable company.

Fledge is here to help!

Fledge is a business incubator/accelerator, for these "conscious" companies, based on the best practices and learning from the tech sector.

The model is simple:  (a) Applications are now open for interested entrepreneurs.  (b) Applications will be accepted through June 30th.  (c) Fledge will choose seven companies.  (d) Each company will be paid $7,000 to participate.  (e) For eight weeks, mid-July through early-September, Fledge will educate and mentor these teams, to accelerate them toward their business goals.  (f) In September, we will showcase these companies at a Demo Day, inviting you into the audience to share in the excitement of these fledgling companies.  (z) This process will be repeated again next year, ideally two or three times per year.

Interested in applying, mentoring, or helping out?  Details here.

Michael "Luni" Libes is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute and the Founder of Fledge. 

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