Sep 1, 2008

All Systems Go! Fundraising Campaign

In September of 2008, Sustainable Seattle launched its first ever multi-year fundraising campaign called All Systems Go! to support its ongoing work in shaping a sustainable future for the greater Seattle area through innovative programs that focus on learning, sharing, and action. "All Systems Go!" isn't just an exciting, energetic, and thought-provoking name for the campaign, it also reflects Sustainable Seattle's strong belief that it will take systems thinking, planning, and implementation to truly shape a more sustainable Seattle and region.

Individuals, companies, foundations, and agencies are already providing tremendous support for S2 and the future of our region through their generous contributions. This exciting alliance between S2, its constituents, and supporters will provide long term funding allowing S2 to continue its award-winning programs and launch even more innovative initiatives that continue to define the frontier of sustainability locally, nationally, and internationally such as our 'Emerging Leaders Lab', our 'Sustainable Summits' series, our user-friendly indicators website 'B-Sustainable', and our new community blog, 'Synergy'.

The fundraising goal for All Systems Go! is $4.5 million. In addition, a portion of all contributions will go to the Sustainable Seattle Foresight Fund, essentially an endowment fund for S2, to ensure the longterm sustainability of S2 as an organization.

We invite you to join the All Systems Go! campaign by making a contribution that is meaningful to you. You can make a one-time contribution or, for your convenience, make a larger overall contribution by pledging to donate over a longer period of time.

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