Sep 26, 2008

Community Questions #1 - Do you think the financial meltdown will affect your neighborhood?

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first community question. We hope that you will come back soon and often to participate in the conversation these questions start. We'll post new questions weekly so come back soon and often. As you can tell by the title of our first blog entry in 'Community Questions', we'd like to know your thoughts on if and how you think the financial meltdown might affect your neighborhood. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and participation.

How is Seattle doing? Want some numbers? You can find relevant indicators on our B-Sustainable site. Here are just a few to get you started:
>> Housing & Transportation Costs as a % of Income
>> Living Wage
>> Neighborhood Social Cohesion

1 comment:

  1. I bank at Wamu so will definately be affected by new ownership. I've noticed houses see to be up for sale longer too. The overall economy will certainly slow thing down in small neighbohoods too as people start to look for the cheapest places to get gas, food, etc.