Jun 8, 2009

Who's Who: Properity Partnership

The Prosperity Partnership's economic strategy is based on the following fundamental principles:

1. People living here have good jobs and earn good incomes.
A healthy, educated, vigorous and engaged citizenry is vital to a successful economy. We all share the goal of building an economy that provides good jobs with good wages. We all want the opportunities to learn skills, bring them into the marketplace and be rewarded for our efforts.

2. Jobs are created by businesses.
Good jobs and incomes come from competitive and prosperous enterprises. We want our region to be a great place for people to start businesses that will have the potential to grow and prosper. This means a place where policies and regulations are clear and effective, and are constantly adjusted to create a good business climate.

3. Embracing our region's diversity is good for business.
The new economic reality means that we must marshal all of our resources to compete successfully in a global economy. That means historically under-developed economic sectors-small and minority-owned businesses in particular-must be fully integrated into our region's economy.

4. The region has vibrant cities and thriving communities.
Over the past decade, the region has successfully focused employment growth into dense, walkable, urban centers. This approach has enabled employees to commute to work through a variety of modes, and has guided the region's transportation investments. As the region's economy grows, it will provide additional opportunities to further enliven our cities and communities.

5. The region has a healthy and beautiful environment and a good quality of life.
Our high quality of life and healthy environment make the region a great place to live and raise a family, which is crucial to a healthy and vibrant economy. We need diverse housing choices, effective transportation systems, good schools, as well as public parks and places for our enjoyment. A healthy environment, with clean air and water, is at the core of the Puget Sound lifestyle. We also need strong communities that offer residents opportunities for recreation and leisure, promote the arts, celebrate our heritage, and preserve our cultural resources.

6. Regional collaboration on a shared economic agenda ensures our region's long term, sustainable economic prosperity.
In this increasingly interconnected global economy, we must recognize that the 4 counties and 82 cities of our metropolitan region are a single economic unit. Working together as a region is our best chance to guarantee shared economic prosperity for us all.

Posted by Matt Ross.

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