Jun 8, 2009

Who's Who: Northwest Environmental Business Council

Since its formation as a regional organization in 1996, NEBC has become the recognized voice of the industry - advocating for science-based regulation, supportive policies and tax structures, the dissemination of knowledge, and the adoption of best practices.

Going beyond its roots in environmental protection and remediation, NEBC product and service members also work in waste and recycling, water supply, wastewater treatment, energy, land use and construction, "green" chemistry and manufacturing, greenhouse gas management, and related fields. This collection of sectors is now coming under the umbrella of "sustainability" or "clean technologies," but NEBC members were there from the start.

Members cover an ever-widening spectrum, including engineers, consultants, contractors, scientists, lawyers, product and technology providers, insurers, project financers, business support professionals, plus a host of other disciplines and firms supportive of NEBC's goals. NEBC's structure as a cross-discipline, cross-sector organization fosters transfer of knowledge and learning, builds synergies among members, and expands business opportunities.

Posted by Matt Ross.

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