Oct 21, 2009

Event | "Flash" action - "We Are The Missing Link !" Burke-Gilman Trail through Ballard October 27, 2009

Who/What: A gathering of ALL TRAIL SUPPORTERS, be they walkers, skaters, strollers, bicyclers, moms, dads, kids, grannies, for a silent show of support honoring the trail and the decades of hard work it took to get us to this point.

When: Tuesday, October 27, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Where: Shilshole Ave NW, opposite 17th Ave NW, just west of the Ballard Bridge - look for the people with the blinking lights!

How: Walk, bike, run, skate, glide

What Else?: B.Y.O."Blinky" red light if you've got one, and bring your bikes, strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, dogs and skateboards.

Join us for a quick "flash" action to declare our collective support for completion of the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link - from Fred Meyer to the Ballard Locks. Let's demonstrate that the trail is for A L L of us, and that WE ARE THE MISSING LINK! We would be honored to have you stand with us.

In 1997, the Ballard Neighborhood Plan identified completion of the trail as its #2 priority. In 2003, Seattle City Council adopted a preferred route along the rail right-of-way, and directed Seattle Dept. of Transportation to design and seek funding. In spring 2009, SDOT prepared to put the project out to bid - but several business groups filed a lawsuit opposing trail construction. It's time to move on and get the trail built ...

Also join for the after-party nearby at Dutch Bike Seattle, 6:30pm, 4421 Shilshole Ave - just east of the Ballard Bridge. Beer and NA drinks will be provided. We will have a grill set up so bring your grillables.

This action supported by Sustainable Ballard, Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail, Totcycle/Kidical Mass, Feet First, Groundswell NW, Seattle Likes Bikes, Cascade Bicycle Club, Undriving.org, CoolMom, Spokespeople, SCALLOPS, Urban Sparks, Sunset Hill Community Association, Washington Liveaboard Association, and thousands of Seattle citizens ...

For more information, contact: Kevin, kcarrab@comcast.net and Vic, vic@sustainableballard.org

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