Dec 30, 2009

What you can do to stop climate change

One of the reasons the environmental movement has slowed or grown jaded is because the everyday person seems to think that they cannot do anything that will make an impact as an individual. People think that climate change is something that the leaders of a country or large corporations and industries must solve since the problem is so big. The truth is that individuals can affect climate change and the best part of it is that the steps you can take can also save you money.

You Can Prevent Global Warming by Jeffrey Langholz and Kelly Turner is a handbook for those who want to add household actions to their group climate change activities. The book is written in a very conversational tone and even has a primer in the beginning to explain some of the basics of climate change for those who want a few more facts about the dangers. It also makes every step of action measurable with monetary savings to the individual households.

The actions we take to combat climate change must be sustainable and simple. They cannot be only feel good letter writing campaigns or standing on a corner every fourth Saturday with a sign that reads "Stop Turning Up the Heat!" We need to take actions that are measurable and give an additional reward besides the feelings of making a difference.

A few examples from the book include:

1. Purchasing a water efficient toilet or using water displacement to lessen the amount of water used per flush.

2. Buy water efficient shower heads.

3. Turn down the water heater in your home by ten degrees.

4. Wash your clothes i cold water instead of hot.

These are just a few of the tips that the book explains in details. If we are serious about climate change we need to make individual steps to lessen our own carbon footprint and conserve energy. The rewards are a more energy efficient country and a cooler planet.

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  1. an absurd list.

    less population, less consumption are the only meaningful measures.

    everything else is a feel good gesture.