Jan 1, 2010

A growing market for green executives

As more companies are starting to see the profitability and public relations dividends of going green, one position is starting to become more common; Eco officers.

Eco Officers are the sustainability executives in charge of a company's environmental and money saving "greening." The officers are in charge of shaving off the environmentally damaging practices in all areas of the organizations as well as finding ways to make the changes profitable.

Some of the organizations that have employed these executives are supportive of the efforts and follow the advice of the Eco Officers while other organizations are simply posing for the community. Many of the executives do not have any experience in the field of sustainability and some are simply going through the motions.

Sustainability is a fast growing field as technology, public awareness and attitudes start to expect the greening of organizations. The field is bringing together idealists with pragmatist and in the meantime increasing profitability and efficiency. When organizations reuse, recycle and rethink their products they can stretch their investment dollar further and reap the benefits of being a forward thinking organization.

Many organizations are seeing an entirely new revenue stream as they take waste product and reconstitute it for bio fuels or energy. The Johnson and Johnson company uses the waste from one of its factories to power it. This type of rethinking is essential to any organization who is serious about sustainability and that type of rethinking is going to take strong leadership.

Companies are starting to see the gold at the end of the green tunnel and it is a good path for us all when we combine ideas and actions.

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