Jan 14, 2010

Progressive Help for Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti has not only destroyed countless lives and property, but has also exposed the underlying problems that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere have been battling with since its inception. Haiti is is need of help and the sluggishness of aid is not only a result of an overall lack of humane efforts when there is no economic gain and a poorly run and shattered infrastructure. For those who are drawn to help there are many ways to aid the hurting country.

Be the Change: Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is one of the most effective NGO's operating in developing countries. The organization often is one of the few aid agencies to gain access through its use of partnerships and non partisan outlook on humanitarian aid. Mercy Corp has a campaign to get into Haiti and donations are the best way to get involved.

The following are a few ideas on where your actions can make a difference sent to Sustainable Seattle from
Michael Kieschnick, President of CREDO Action from Working Assets.

Give to Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders-a group CREDO members support with their phone bills-operates one of the only free trauma centers in Port-au-Prince as well as an emergency hospital in the capital for pregnant women, new mothers and newborn children. All three of its primary medical centers have collapsed, but DWB has already set up temporary shelters and is offering emergency care on the ground.

Tell President Obama: Grant Temporary Protected Status on Haitians living in the US

President Obama has ordered his Department of Homeland Security to temporarily halt all forcible deportations to the disaster zone, but this falls far short of what human rights groups are asking for. The president should grant Temporary Protected Status to undocumented Haitian refugees in the U.S. Refugees from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia and Sudan are afforded this status. To refuse to do so for Haitians would be irresponsible and immoral.

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