Jan 13, 2010

Sustainable Seattle's Un-Board Meeting - first step to redefining !

Last Sunday, January 11th, Sustainable Seattle held an Un-Board meeting to expand and redefine the board and create a community council and/or leadership forum for additional guidance. The idea behind this move is that we need new ways of doing things and of being to reach sustainability - the old ways are not working!!

Below are the notes from the meeting. If you would like to get involved in our un-boarding the board, please email me, Laura Musikanski, at ed@sustainableseattle.org. Thank you so much to all who attended and thank you to all who have contributed so much over the years so we could get to this wonderful place!

Ticiang Diangson Director of Environmental Justice and Service Equity
Where is the Social Bottom Line what are we doing about it? What is Sustainable Seattle going to deal with embedded institutional racism?

Eldan Goldberg Director of STARs

We are working on opening the discussion within the sustainability and environmental non-profit world with our Dialogue about Race: The Power of Illusion series.

Jenny Hines President of Sustainable Ballard, SCALLOPS leader

Connect community groups with other resources and organizations, strengthen the relationships and resources.

Brian Allen Founder of Sustainable West Seattle

Many groups working on similar issues. We all need to be learning and sharing best practices, share economies of scale. Sustainable West Seattle re focused on Social Justice even though its inclusion cost it some members. Sustainable Seattle should consider hosting the events calendar.

Vic Opperman Co-Founder of Sustainable Ballard and SCALLOPS

S2 needs to come out boldly and mark your place! Idea of a resource center in the Vance building so all these organizations can start working together is needed today. How do we share this so we are not all inventing the wheel?

Sheri Herndron Organizer of Journalism that Matters Conference

Instead of a permanent 'Advisory Board' consider having semi-regular 'Leadership Forums'. Commitment only to 1 time events. focus. specific. We need to access what is beyond ourselves. Experiment with the Leadership Forums, do not be afraid to try something. Not having fear is key. Keep the energy of creativity and youth going. We need that mix and need a way to keep the play going. Part of sustainability and the new wave of sustainability is to play.

Derek Hoshiko Co-chair of BALLE Seattle

Where is the greatest leverage point? Where can the board be most effective? Some feeling of efforts not having enough impacts, and looking and exploring how to leverage for the future. How do we work together for a different impact? Collaborating is not having a table at an event. How do we share more, how do we demonstrate open source, contribute in swarm theory.

Michael Hoffman Commissioner of Port of Everett.

At core of most of our systems are unsustainable assumptions. Trying to build an examination of financial and economic systems into how we behave. How do we have a healthy economy and sustainable future? How do we decouple our assumptions about economics, growth and quality of life?

Charlie Cuniff Director of Seattle Climate Partnership

Intensely interested in these issues: organizations and map of organizations. Came to Seattle 30 years ago and worked on installation of solar panels. New Mayor mission is to figure out how to get all working together. How do we make this all work? How do we get these concepts in to all of our homes, schools, work, hobbies, etc? How do we work together to reduce our city and region’s CO2 to a few tonnes. How do we tie things together, how do we develop these programs?Italic

Jay Sauceda President of Green Homes of Washington

Discussion of whether one is making an impact, leveraging the work done. People are looking to Seattle to set the path. We need to aspire to reach beyond where we thought we could be 12 months ago.

Emily McGrath Current board member

This was a new moment for a re-launch of Sustainable Seattle. The trajectory is moving, the momentum is going There is a strong energy to and commitment to see projects succeed.

Malcolm Best Sustainable Cascadia Board of Center for Ethical Leadership.

With sustainability, social networking, systemic change, and the natural environment are the drivers of change.

David Frankel President and founder of WA lawyers for Sustainability

Mission to help lawyers further sustainability, through training, resources and policy/advocacy. Putting together an advisory board with the idea that the more collaboration there is, the better the solutions we come up with.

Katheryne Davis Criminal Justice

Love the idea of changing the territorial behavior of nonprofits into a collaborative effort. Admire and humbled by project leads - great ideas & lots of work.

Lang Marsh Board of S2 for 7 years. On EPAs National Environmental Justice Councill

Background in environmental regulation and policy. Interest in sustainability stemming from attempt to regulate our way into environmental sustainability. Come to the conclusion for sustainability to work, the economy produces the right outcomes automatically. The only way to do this is through measurement- we need to define and then measure outcomes.

Joe Brewer International Speaker

There are big and good changes coming down the pipes.Sustainability is no longer an environmental movement. It is about us and the future of humanity. We are here to be a catalyst for the region. Seattle has something no one else has- incredible creative talent and a reputation. It is not an organization, it is an integrated system, it is not one single thing, it invites us all, We all move forward together to create a new world. We also know Seattle is a beacon. We can be that place sustainability. We are the new paradigm. It is something different. Synergy will make it happen.

Leah Ruben Warner

We are missing seniors – senior citizens will see devastating effects. We need to include these people in our leadership, advisers, boards and programs.

Negash Shefarew

Seattle’s contribution as a global citizen is appreciated.

Heather Johnson

In 2001 we had an opportunity to re-access. I said then” Right fit, right ideas, right time." This is the right fit, these are the right ideas, this is the right time. Why not include staff on the board? Why not have a board that is open?

Sean Schmidt

We need a community council so as to get direction from broad range of people. Get the right people in the room to discuss this. Need broad range of groups. Just want to point out our new logo: The idea behind it is connecting the dots! Can still create your own picture with dots and connections.

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