Oct 25, 2010

Dream a Sound Future Final Event a Huge Success

On 10/10/10 Sustainable Seattle held its Dream a Sound Future Final Event at the Seattle Center Pavilion. The event was made possible by generous gifts from a long list of collaborators including Frog Box, Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, SCALLOPS, Feet First, Washington Lawyers for Sustainability and a special thanks to Mike O'Brien City Council member who gave the keynote speech to launch the day.

The event had twice as many entries as was our original goal and the variety and talent of the entries were astonishing. We had musical performances including original songs, raps, and music videos shot entirely in the city of Seattle.

We had artistic visions of the future with a variety of mediums from oil on canvas, crayons, pen and ink, to collages, clay, and wood. The entries were pictures and words all around a concept of a more sustainable world with practical applications, dreams, and aspirations. We had performance art, essays and audio recordings, a break dance crew and to tie it all together we had a wonderful MC, Ania who was the program lead for the entire event.

One of the most interesting aspects of the event was an entry that was an audio recording and performance piece. The audio was of two women talking in a coffee shop about the past, our present, and talking about some of the things that we didn't know that has fundamentally changed the society in which they lived. It was an optimistic and sometimes haunting recording talking about the unlimited potential of human beings to bring about positive change if we only have the courage to start taking those initial steps.

We are already looking forward to next year's competition and if you want further information you can email us at dream at sustainable seattle.org. We look forward to making the next Dream event even more successful and far reaching than the first. Thank you to all participants and sponsors and let's get started on our next iteration!

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