Oct 27, 2010

Vicki Robin Teleclasses Opportunities

Vicki Robin is co-author with Joe Dominguez of the national best-seller, Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence (Viking Penguin, 1992), available now in eleven languages. The official portal of the book is www.yourmoneyoryourlife.info which connects readers to support materials for implementing the nine-step program and to the networks of educators and practitioners.

Vicki has lectured widely and appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning America” and National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” and “Morning Edition”; she has also been featured in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, Utne Magazine and TheNew York Times. Newspapers around the world have reported on her work on lowering consumption in North America. Fluent in Spanish, she traveled to Europe in the spring of 1997 to introduce the Spanish translation of Your Money or Your Life. In Mayof 2002, she did an eight-day publicity tour in Taiwan for the Chinese release. Both trips resulted in Your Money or Your Life becoming a bestseller in those countries.

Invitation to participate in 2 free learning calls

We're in the final week of The Whole Enchilada: Money, Happiness and Enough teleclass. I've loved sharing the 10 principles and 10 practices of living at that peak of fulfillment called "enough."

Isn't "enough" an obvious measure for happiness? When we don't have enough, we're surely not happy, but too much is also a problem. Excess just gets in the way, whether it's being too busy or in debt or struggling to zip your clothes.

I want to invite you to two free opportunities to hear more about enough and money and happiness.

The first in coming right up! On Thursday, October 28, 10-1:30 AM PST I'm featured on the Enlightened Business Summit. Click here to join the conference and my conversation with the conference host Chip Conley.
Please also join me for the Whole Enchilada Bonus Class with John Robbins on November 8, 5.15-6.30 PM PST.

You can read more about John at his website if you don't already know this internationally acclaimed best selling author of Diet for a New America, May All be Fed, Food Revolution, Healthy at 100, and The New Good Life - and one of the most popular bloggers on Huffington Post.

I'm calling this talk "Just Enough" because John so well and eloquently speaks both on justice and on "enoughness" (what it will take to live well together within the means of the earth.)

Please join us. It's the final class for the Enchilada folks, and we've opened it for you to learn more and be inspired. Here's the link.

Amazingly airfares to Brazil are actually down a bit from several weeks ago so if you have a passport you still have time to get your visa and join me on November 27 and a fantastic group of significant leaders in the field of sustainability for a 10-day Journey to the Heart of Brazil.

We are meeting some of the prime change agents in Brazil as well as enjoying beauty, seeing sights, experiencing lush landscapes and learning from one of the best loved teachers of spirituality.

As the days shorten here in the Pacific Northwest I am ever more grateful to be heading south in a month. You can come! If you have questions, email me at vickirobin [dot] 1 [at] gmail [dot] com.
I've updated the ABOUT tab on my website, and if you click on the link to New Road Map Foundation you'll see some of the grants we made in 15 years of giving away all the proceeds from our educational offerings (including all proceeds from Your Money or Your Life 1992- 2004), which totaled $1,000,000 in 800 small grants. It's just one part of a joyful history of giving my best to shift us all to a thriving, just and sustainable future. Click too on the Community, Money, Happiness and Enough links to see my recent writing. I put a big dollop of heart and soul in those.

Hope to "see" you soon on one of the teleclasses or on the trip. If you want me to come to speak to your group, be in touch at the email below!


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