Nov 9, 2010

Move in with us!

We're looking for people to share our office.

In the short term, we have two desks we can rent out, for $100/month each.  It's a pretty modest office but it does have some good things to offer:

  • A very convenient location, in the Vance Building, the downtown Seattle home of many environmental and social justice groups.
  • Fast, reliable wireless internet.
  • Use of a laser printer.
  • Use of a colour scanner.
  • Our glittering conversation.
We have computers you could use, but they're so old and slow that this will be better suited to someone who can bring their own computer in.  If you are interested, please contact Eldan Goldenberg:

In the longer term, our lease is up in March, and we're figuring out what to do then.  We may move to a smaller office, but we're also very open to the possibility of sharing an office with like-minded people or organisations.  If you might be interested in banding together with us for that move, please let us know.

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