Nov 11, 2010

West Oakland Green Press Release




Keith Tucker, Producer


November 10th Oakland, California– A group of top health professionals, community organizations and filmmaker Keith Tucker have come together to hold the first Oakland Youth Hip Hop Green Dinner at West Oakland Middle School on November 12th.

The dinners are designed to be a perfect combination of information and entertainment. By breaking bread and sharing information in a relaxed and entertaining environment, the Hip Hop Green Dinners help youth make the connection between their diet, lifestyle and their health.

Obesity is one of the largest public health issues of today and it is threatening the health of our youth. 23.5 million Americans, including 6.5 million children, live in “food deserts” — areas without a single supermarket. As filmmakers we are not only participating in solutions but we are also reaching out to top entertainers, educators and health professionals to introduce young people to their very first vegetarian meals across the country. “As we continue to develop and promote our film project we felt one of the most important things we could do was to make our concept as real as possible to our supporters”, said Keith Tucker, co-producer and visionary behind the project. “If we can inform young people and get them eating the food, it will be a major step in the right direction. We believe the Green Dinners can help change people’s lives even before the film hits the big screen and we are proud and honored to be in Oakland”.

The Principal of West Oakland Middle School, Cenne Carroll- Moore Stated “I’m very concerned about our young people’s health. We are dealing with lack of nutrition, obesity, diabetes and many more social economic issues. We hope that by having a Green Dinner here that we can get the community involved in our children’s health”.

At the West Oakland Green dinner one of the main focuses will be to establish relationships with community organizations that will institute ongoing health programs for the youth. The Green dinner hopes to be a catalyst for community to come together and work with the youth of West Oakland Middle School.

“Our community and especially our youth in West Oakland are plagued by multiple social determinants to health causing significant health disparities. Our greatest disparities affect our African American and Latino youth most in childhood obesity, asthma, violence, homicide, school dropouts, poverty, sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy. These health disparities are a result of environmental, social, economic and cultural influences in our community. Using the Green Medicine” approach we hope to introduce concepts of wellness and community sustainability to the students and their families at the West Oakland Middle School Green Dinner” said Green Dinner community partner Mahedere Solomon of One Love Center for Health.

The dinner’s keynote speaker is Dr. Milton Mills M.D, Leading Vegetarian wellness expert and PCRM Advisory board member. Also speaking is Dr Bob Savio Chief of Pediatrics at Highland General Hospital- Oakland, California as well as Mahedere Solomon of One Love Center for Health.

Performances by: Ashel Eldridge aka Seasunz, One Kahleo and Kid Smooth of Young & Brave and Kevin Gardner

Vegetarian Food Preparation: Chef Hunia V. Bradley – Co- manager – Farm Fresh Choice and owner of

Supporters: Charles Lovelace - Vegan One Club

Ngozi Oleru | Michael Woo | Yirim Seck | Callie Rodilfi | Dr Bob Savio | Michael Taylor | Peoples Grocery | Chef Jay Ar | Lashay Morris | Numi Tea | Kevin Gardner | Young & Brave | Ashel Eldridge aka Seasunz | Health Policy Institute | King County Public Health | International Fund for Africa | Sustainable Seattle |

Sponsor: Chef David Lee of Fieldroast Grain Meat Company -

The Oakland Youth Green Dinner is being hosted in conjunction with One Love Center for Health.

One Love is a community health promotion group that recognizes the dangerous social and public health implications of health disparities in our Oakland communities. We embrace the principles of health, love, justice, equality, and opportunity. One Love’s vision to minimize the minority mortality rate, improve the quality of life and achieve an equal life expectancy for all despite socio-economic, ethnic, cultural or environmental factors. One Love’s mission to advocate health equality through culturally adaptive health promotion and accessibility to healthcare. We utilize evidence-based standardized practice guidelines for healthcare and

About the Documentary: Pursuit of a Green Planet

Pursuit of a Green Planet (POAGP) is the first documentary film project about Hip Hop, health and the green movement. The film takes a critical look at the connections between food, culture, economics and the epidemic of obesity related disease plaguing America’s youth. Keith is a regular guy who will become a living experiment as he makes the radical transition from your average American diet and lifestyle to a truly green, organic vegan lifestyle. Starting with a full medical profile of his current health condition, he will work with a team of the best medical and health professionals at every stage of the process as he cleanses his body, transitions to a vegan diet, and conditions his body to operate at peak performance. The film will document the biological, physical, psychological and emotional transitions of the process. On March 20, 2011 at 4:21p. PST, on the 1st minute of the first day of spring, the Pursuit of a Green Planet begins. This is the day and the moment that Keith Tucker will go vegetarian and officially kicks off the Pursuit of a Green Planet film and Hip Hop health activism project. Can he make it? How hard will it be?

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Twitter: hiphopisgreen

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