Aug 11, 2011

Check out World Watershed Alliance and their great work!

Submitted by Justin Lacson

World Watershed International is an incorporated, nonprofit organization founded in September of 2010 by professional environmental planners, engineers, landscape architects, and environmental scientists. The purpose of World Watershed is to support communities around the world with professional multi-disciplinary ecological services that strengthen and uplift the ecological and cultural fabric of the landscape. World Watershed aims to meet the needs of the global community through scientific and educational outreach.

In late August, World Watershed scientists will be traveling to the Indian Himalayas to address water quality and quantity at the Jampa Choling Institute, a school for Buddhist women in the Himalayas. The women at the school, located in the Kinnaur Range of the Great Himalaya, consistently get sick from what our regional research team has concluded is poor water quality. The funds we raise at the picnic will help provide much needed UV water sanitation tubes and a water storage tank for the school. Here's a link to the Jampa Choling Institute and these extraordinary women.

You are invited to the World Watershed Benefit Picnic & Paddle Tours on Saturday, August 13th @ 10am in Magnolia Park! Please RSVP here.

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