Aug 30, 2011

Toyota’s Prius Playground Helps Power-up Bumbershoot

If you are heading to Bumbershoot this weekend, take a quick break from the music and crowds and head over to the Prius Playground where you’ll have the opportunity to help power-up Bumbershoot. The Prius Playground is a partnership between Toyota and not-for-profit organization Global Inheritance designed to inspire people to think creatively about energy solutions.

Here’s how it works: Visitors are invited to donate a bit of sweat by pedaling on stationary bikes or taking a spin in the human hamster for three minutes. The energy generated is then stored in an energy well, which allows people to see the real time energy production and consumption at the playground. And, staying true to its name, the playground isn’t all hard work! After each three minute spin fans are rewarded with a free snow cone made with the very energy they generated!

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