Sep 8, 2011

Hungary? Go Jump in a Lake

Day one of my amazing Hungary journey by Laura Musikanski.

The Balaton Group is 30 years old today. What is the Balaton Group - it is a "network of professions" but really, it's a love fest. Well, not in the sense you are thinking of - but in another way. It's called Balaton because it all happens on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary, where 30 years ago, people from the Eastern block could meet with people from the West.

When I heard I was awarded a Donella Meadows fellowship I jumped for joy. Literally. It meant a group of very respected scientists, professors, researchers, politicians and professionals from all over the world thought the Happiness Initiative is an project worth hearing about. To me, it meant we were on the right track. And then it set in- eek. I was going to be among all these giants. As the days passed, I grew more anxious. The night before a case of the nerves kicked in resplendent with upset stomach, headache and even tooth-ache.

Well, I had nothing to worry about. Orientation quickly showed The Balaton Group is a place to get nurturing, help, and ideas from people who have the experience and knowledge of successful large projects. And the people are real. Somehow, this setting, and this organization breaks down the class, sector and other barriers and allows us to look at each other and the work we are doing with the eyes of a child and hearts full of love.

Each day, I will post about what is going on- what we learn, what others are doing and what it is like here.

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