Oct 22, 2011

Higher Needs

On Art - a post by Laura Musikanski

When I was a child I thought that art was the highest form of civilization. A community that valued artistic expression, I reasoned, had the mechanizes in place to meet all the “lower” needs. Similarly, as person who created art had met all lower needs. This was before I heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, or even knew the word “sustainability.”

Today, I think we all have deep within us an idea of sustainability, and the knowledge that to reach a fully just and healthy place, all people must have their needs filled, not just the basic needs of eating, sleeping and shelter. It’s just that we are a long way from there. So, while doing the work to get there, its important to take the time to meet some of those “higher needs.” 

Last night I went to the opening of a small pop art gallery, LTD. I went because I wanted to see Sean Conroe, the guy who started Alleycat Acres.

Gazing at the pieces making gentle fun of the American way, I felt a relaxing of all those cares of the world our kind carries, and a rekindling of the desire to pick back of the paint brush. When your in the sustainability field, the work can be overwhelming. Sometimes you have to step out and take care of your own “higher needs.”

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