Nov 23, 2011

Author's Forum

From 7-9pm on Saturday, November 12th , people in the Seattle area joined panelists, Jon De Graaf and Paul Guilding, at Kane Hall to discuss quality of life, justice and sustainability.

“The turn out was great, and people seemed really engaged in the conversation,” Sustainable Seattle’s incoming Executive Director, Terri Butler said enthusiastically about the event.

The two renowned authors shared their thoughts on our economic policies that threaten both our social and environmental well-being. By discussing Guilding’s, The Great Disruption; and De Graaf’s, What’s the Economy for Anyway?, they showcased evidence for why it’s time to stop chasing economic growth as our highest goal, and shared how we still have time to turn things around if we act now. Throughout the event, John De Graaf described how the Happiness Initiative is a way for anyone to get involved in creating this positive change. At the end of the forum, guests were invited to ask the panelists questions, with many taking up the offer.

This event was made possible with the collaborative efforts of the Center for Communication & Civic Engagement, the Happiness Initiative, Sustainable Seattle, and the University of Washington.

By Maureen McGregor

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